> The Green New Deal for Europe shapes the future for our children and ensures their health, prosperity and security on a green and thriving planet (quote Frans Timmermans)
> The Europe Day street festivities throughout Europe could provide a huge platform for the youth to get heard: “on Europe Day, the youth is in charge!!”
> To stimulate the youth to contribute to make Europe a leader in uniting and 'greening' our Europe. Let them curate the street festivities on Europe Day!
> To show the world that the youth can drive change and win the hearts of the EU people
> To ask/get the activist groups FridaysForFuture, Schoolstrike4Climate, a.o., to actively participate in the Europe Day street festivities
> To get the pro-EU youth out of their (pro-EU) bubble, and ask them to energize ALL youth in Europe to become involved EU citizens
> To mobilize the four EU youth programs: the Erasmus, the Erasmus+, the Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps, in order to lead and staff these 28 street festivities throughout the EU every year