We need a free public holiday across the EU before we can celebrate.
Do you know that we have a Europe Day? And do you know why we have a Europe Day?

Europe Day is on the 9th May (decided in 1964) and commemorates the unification of European countries

And now that we have a Europe Day, why don’t we celebrate Europe’s “national” holiday?

The European Parliament has voted in 2019 in favor of an EU wide public holiday on Europe Day; now it is up to the 27 National Governments to agree also & implement (Luxembourg has done so)

The EU needs (massive) street festivities in all 28* EU capitals on Europe Day (9th May)

> To celebrate a united Europe, for giving us peace, freedom and prosperity
> To bring the citizens of different EU countries together and to celebrate 'united in diversity'
> To enjoy each other’s culture: traditions, language, food, music etc.
> To help win the hearts and minds of the EU citizens (emotional engagement)
> To build a collective European identity
> To tackle euro-scepticism and increasing nationalism and cynicism
> To address the urgency of the new 'Green Deal' agenda of the European Commission
> To give a leading role to the youth that day to voice their (climate) concerns
> To give the people of the UK the opportunity to organize 'protest celebrations' against Brexit
> To give the people of Hungary the opportunity to organize 'protest celebrations' against euroscepticism
> By making Europe Day a free EU public holiday to enable citizens to join in these festivities

* Let’s invite the Brits (or the Scots) too