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Many citizens are concerned about developments in the world. To preserve peace, freedom and our prosperity in this troubled world, we need a stronger Europe. To help achieve this, it is very important to strengthen citizens' sense of Europeanness and reduce nationalistic feelings. Therefore, let's introduce an annual European holiday in all 27 EU countries to celebrate our united Europe and build our European identity together. Every EU country has a national holiday. The Dutch have King's Day, the French Quatorze Juillet, etc. But we do not yet have a joint European holiday. In 2019, the European Parliament decided that 9th May: Europe Day is the most appropriate day. To get a day off on Europe Day, we have started a petition to present to Parliament. See:

Let's start in the Netherlands with a free national European day on Europe Day, May 9th. See:

Do you know that we have a Europe Day?
- And do you know why we have a Europe Day?

1. Europe Day is on the 9th May (decided in 1964) and commemorates the unification of European countries

2. And now that we have a Europe Day, why don’t we celebrate Europe’s “national” holiday?

3. Of course, we first need a free public holiday across the EU before we can celebrate..! *

* the European Parliament has voted in 2019 in favor of an EU wide public holiday on Europe Day; now it is up to the 27 National Governments to agree also & implement (Luxembourg has done so)

Celebrate a united Europe on Europe Day!


The EU needs (massive) street festivities in all 28* EU capitals on Europe Day (9th May)
> To celebrate a united Europe, for giving us peace, freedom and prosperity
> To bring the citizens of different EU countries together and to celebrate 'united in 
> To enjoy each other’s culture: traditions, language, food, music etc.
> To help win the hearts and minds of the EU citizens (emotional engagement)
> To build a collective European identity
> To tackle euro-scepticism and increasing nationalism and cynicism
> To address the urgency of the new
“Green Deal” agenda of the European Commission
> To give a leading role to the youth that day to voice their (climate) concerns
> To give the people of the UK the opportunity to organize 'protest celebrations' against Brexit

> To give the people of Hungary the opportunity to organize 'protest celebrations' against euroscepticism
> By making Europe Day a free EU public holiday to enable citizens to join in these festivities

* Let’s invite the Brits (or the Scots) too


For all EU citizens of all age groups and of all levels of education and backgrounds

Featuring well knows artists with (local) national, cultural and historical expressions

28 street festivals, in 28 capital cities around Europe, organized by the youth of the respective EU host country


Adriaan Hebly, The Netherlands

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